User bots on

There are many discussions about permitting user bots on First of all what are user bots? In short terms those are bots that autonomously converge to the user using them and feed him.
This is possible using some browser’s extensions or some online paid service.

Many users are complaining about this. And, until now, we tried to limit user bots on But there are also users who have fun using bots. So our decision is to let the server creator choose if and how to limit the use of bots.

Bots are seen by the server as standard players. Usually all bot come from the same ip. But sometimes (mainly those from paid services), comes from ip blocks. So it’s not ever easy to identify them.

Anyway we can do something about it. When an user creates a server, he can choose how many connections are allowed from a single ip. If the server creator want to deny bots he can choose 1, if he want to permit them he can choose an higher value.

But choosing 1 has a side effect. When a player connect to the game, the server know that there is 1 connection from 1 ip. If te player dies, the server reset the number of connection from his ip to 0 so he can connect again. But if the player hits the browser reload button or simply closes the browser, the server waits 60 seconds to drop that connections. So the user cannot connect again until the connection has been deleted by the server. And there is no message explaining that to the user. So choosing 1 connection per ip can be a problem. That’s why the predefined option is 3.