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    i plan to open 3 servers

    on 13/01/2016

    the first server will open at

    14:00(+1 timezone brussel,amsterdam,…)
    it will be tournament of 2 hours
    with no premium functions exept the 2 hour time limit
    standard rules aply

    a zombie mode!
    No premium features! exept for 2 hour time limit also
    standard rules aply here also

    a team again but now with premium features like 32 split, food being worth 5 food
    ,50 mass shoot out of you
    and a few other premium stuff!
    also will last 2 hour

    standard rules will apply here!

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    first one is running next one will be at
    and third at 18:30
    cause first one got out a bit later then planned

    i also added 5 minutes to each start time cause i forgot to count in the time for the server to close and creation of new one

    i also ask patience when on the serv there could be a waiting time cause you need more players
    i also have selected the 5 bots option in creating it to make waiting time shorter but there still will be a waiting time!

    Note player controlled bots are still not allowed!

    edit: bots don’t seem to be working cause in status it says 0 bots while on home page it still says 5
    edit edit: bots work but there are more bots then i set

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    i tried making a third server but i can’t connect to it! 🙁

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