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    Hi All
    Although fairly new to this game, it seems that some people are getting bots. these bots avoid me in order to flurry to the person they are assigned to. So I did a bit of research and found this site for FREE!

    Click on the link, register and get three people to join you. You will then get free bots for a certain time depending on how many join you.

    Watch out because some bots via extensions have been known to crash your server and wipe your score with Google Chrome.
    Time for odds to be evened out a bit for the ones playing against teams that join up and add bots to increase their mass!!
    Good luck and happy playing 🙂

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    FAKE BOTS! REFERRAL COUNT STAYS AT 2 AND DOESN’T GO UP FURTHER! http://freeagarbots.tk/ is the best bot, no need to refer anyone and sometimes you get over 200 bots!

    271 bots!

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    367 bots! 28k highscore!

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    Wow…that is incredible
    thank you for sharing 🙂

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    I increased the bot amount even more! I got 453 bots. But at some point(depends on your internet connection) it will start to lag. For me 453 didn’t lag.

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    Neither of those sites work for me.

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    Add Proxy Server into proxy.txt from http://www.vipsocks24.net/ and add #SOCKS5 in the first line and it will work.

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    @terri, Are they functional for agar.io/agarserv?

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    I don’t think so and after playing them I recommend not downloading any extentions as they wiped my score and caused my PC to crash… So honesty is the best policy.

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    The OP is obviously the owner of agarvipbots.com who wants people to waste the time on his website. Agar.io wipes accounts that are used to log in for multiple connections. FreeAgarBots.co doesn’t do that. And if your computer hanged(blue screen of death) it didn’t happen because of FreeAgarBots.co, there has been a problem with your computer before, try to fix it as fast as you can. Meanwhile, I managed to exceed 500 bots:

    Download link: http://www83.zippyshare.com/v/GfjrIIPw/file.html

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      Don’t click the link!
      1. It’s a referral link, which means you end up making points for the creator of link (most likely the OP with a fake account) without knowing it.
      2. The free bots feature is fake. I couldn’t click on any free bot button even though I had enough referrals. The owner probably aims to get money, because there’s a VIP bot feature that looks too suspicious to buy.
      3. These are bots for private servers, not official. That means you will only make trouble for 20-50 players, when an Agar.io party has over 100 players.
      The best bots currently are http://agarinfinity.com/. While you don’t get 500 bots like before the patch, it’s better than nothing. If you have trouble installing, here’s a video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyusuX17uyE

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        iqbaltrojan .

        hey dude buy agarvipbots.com they are the best dont refer used to work

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    http://agarvipbots.com/?ref=69157 could anyone reffer mine pls i have been trying to get bots for ages

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    Hey guys try Trapbots.tk
    Then click on the youtube channel to watch the video that helps u so that u can setup your bots!
    Dont forget to press the download button so u can download the program!

    It took about a half hour for me but it worked 😀

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    Want free BOTS GO TO —> http://xbots.io?r=42228

    Step 1: go to buy coins to the left (you dont buy the coins)
    Step 2: do surveys and offers and get coins then get your bot package

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