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    I won 100 credits, and not have me …
    It will be a bug or is done on purpose …?
    I hope to have them …
    Many thanks for your attention!!!

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    i got a random 3 credits

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      I am referring to that was to have 100 credits and now no one has given me the 99 credits that have disappeared

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    ƬψƬ ☢ ΔᗯΞSᗝΜΞ: how did you won 100 credits?

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    Yesterday I was at the top

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    I’m checking. Anyway you ave 5 credits riht now and top server get 25 credits; not 100.

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    Also you were not in top servers

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    Sorry, I thought you were 100 (I passed the line … hehe), but now I’m recovering them. I’ll get 5 credits.

    Thanks Ciao121

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    Ciao121 mean the 6th

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