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    I hate this, especially on Experimental mode. Take it this way. Imaging you are on 50,000 mass after you split. You cant get back together. It automatically splits and I am annoyed because I have lost much mass. It is appalling and I am very shocked at the lack of quality.

    There is also the new ‘Credits’ system. It is harsh as you are only allowed to make private servers if they are payed for. I think there should also be a way to earn Credits by having challenges such as ‘Reach 50,000 mass to receive this award.’

    I think you can ask Agar.io and have a chance of partnering up and having our facebook accounts on it so that we can receive XP while playing in a private server. It would make the Agar community happy and we could have a better gaming time.

    I think we should have our own skins and we should use the same tool as the ‘Agario Mods Evergreen Script'(or something like that). We should have the *username tool for skins and we should be allowed to upload content for skins. Obviously, if you see a bad image, you shall remove it and ban the account, otherwize you shall go ahead with it.

    I hope you take my advice resolve the issues,
    Yours Sincerely,

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    Stop being so cheap it cost him money to run this site you should be thankful you can even make servers free at all just buy the credits.

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    I want start with some credits, please.

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    About auto splitting. This is how agar.io works. If you play on agar.io you’ll auto split at 22.500 (I think).

    I’m looking to create some contest (like “Be the winner in the contest server”) to give out some credits. But it is not so easy and immediate. Anyway users don’t need credits to do private/hidden servers. They only need to use other options.

    Custom skins are 99% client options or the need a plugin (as agarmods). I’m looking better into it. If I cannot do custom skins without a plugin… so users can simply use agarmods. I’d really like to have custom skins for users… but…

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