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    come join my serv it is running now!
    it is zombie mode at the moment with 1 hour 48 minutes left on the clock!

    Rules are simple if you are still human run from the zombies
    if you are a zombie touch the humans!

    at 1:30
    and 0:30 left on the clock the zombie team will be greatly reduced and only the smallest zombie will remain this is to stop the zombies from being everywhere on the server and to give the players the experience again of being chased by a small amount of zombies instead of being cornered by a big amount of them!

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    You should post the server’s url.

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    oops forgot to post the url

    link is

    thanks ciao123 for notigying me

    at the moment there is 1 hour 23 minutes left to play

    i will keep posting here to give status of server and will notify you all when it is closed!

    I will also use this thread to post about future servers.

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    server is down!

    Earlier than expected cause i accidentaly hitted server shutdown button!

    I wanted to kill inactive cells but i misclicked right onto the shutdown button!
    Can you make it that if you hit the shutdown button that
    in the middle of the black cader of the console boxs appears a confirmation button!
    Stopping you from accidentaly shutting down your server?

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    new server is up and running!

    join it now for team mode!

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    and it is down again! thanks for joining the server!

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    my next server will be made this Wednesday 20:00 pm(ust+1) (this is the time zone it means i live in a time zone of brussels,amsterdam,berlin so if you live in america you need to calculate the difference in time zones)

    But i want to let you deicide which mode it will have!

    You can chose from every mode avaible.

    The rest of the server specifics i will still choose then.

    But it will depend on what you choose also

    if you all want a hunger games server. the server specifics would likely
    be those 3 mass pellets, 15 viruses min max 45 viruses. 32 split
    and mayby to make it intresting 5 black holes!
    servers will always last 2 hours map for hunger games will be normal sized then

    this is an example not everything stands in it cause it is only a example on how the server settings will be determinated by your choise!

    Voting goess until tuesday 20 pm (my time zone!)(read the first line again!)

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    1 hour late but server will be up in 8 minutes i had some delay

    it will be a ffa server but teaming will be allowed!

    the server will last 2 hours

    edit: server is running now link is:

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    and server is down again! i hope you all enjoyed playing on my server!

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