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    Ok so my name is Maxgui,

    You might of seen my servers in the top servers πŸ˜€ And I thank you all for that…

    But when I make servers here are the rules and stuff,

    I will kill you if you become so big everyone else has a bad-time (:P) So sozzzzzzzz,

    Also plz no feed da experimental cell (whatever I’ll just make a new server xD)

    So that’s basically it and as always have fun and remember it’s all about killing when they’re too big (:P)

    Enjoy your day and leave comments on server,
    Maxgui da banana

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    BTW my name will be β“†β“€β“β“β“£β“€β“œβ“‰β“€β“β“β“”β“› on my servers with that font πŸ˜€

    QuantumTunnel is a reference to quantum tunnels in the quantum realm (real physics) this is because all my servers will have blackholes (10) … so enjoy your day…

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    I don’t have rules on my server!

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    nice job dude i am experementing with servers myself

    Sadly some bugs got in my way but now i know a way around them i hope to get a server up in the future where everybody will be happy πŸ™‚

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