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    Moon Heroz

    Hello! I am so sorry I have not been here on agarserv for a long, long time. I will be making more servers again everyday and I will make them Premium as usual. So, if you wanna come to my server, my username will be on that server and you can go there. It will say MoonHer… and that part of my username. I am gonna make servers during either morning or afternoons. (towards the evening) So yeah, thanks for supporting me everyone. And if you wanna be friends, go to my profile to do that by just clicking my username or my profile picture. There will be an Add as Friend button.

    (Having a hard time clicking to my profile? Here is the link:

    Ciao121, thank you, too for supporting me and giving me those credits. It made me come back to agarserv and starting making servers again! Even if you didn’t give me those credits, your still good in so many ways! 😀

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