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    The free credits system is so cheap, so make it at least 2-4 credits

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    I understand the first part of your post. I agree that it is very easy to get credits.

    What I don’t understand is the second part – ‘so make it at least 2-4 credits’. If you’re saying that it is too easy to get free credits, this makes no sense because at the moment it is 1-3 credits and increasing the amount of credits is making it MORE cheap.


    NOTE – I realise that you are PROBABLY talking about it being a BAD system of getting free credits. In that case, I would disagree because as I said, it’s easy to get credits. Just refresh a few times on pages like ‘create your server’ and ‘browse servers’ and you’re almost guaranteed to get at least 1-2 credits after 5-6 refreshes.

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    what he means is that 1-3 credits for free is not good enough. He wants more credits at once when he wins

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    @epicdude5843, that is being greedy for more and more credits. Our limit of free credits by going on kinds of stuff on this site, is perfectly fair, also let’s us make servers that require credits with, like bots for example. So, why do you want Keymaster Ciao121 to change the limit to 2-4?

    Also, hi. @obvnotashark

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