Make it harder for server admins to kill their players from the console.

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    People with premium servers who kill their players (especially now that you can get credits free) just so they can stay as #1 is really making me want to quit this website. You should make it cost credits or have some kind of restriction or cooldown so that server admins just can’t spam the kill button for no reason from console. I understand wanting to prevent people from having 260k mass and second place has 50, but the people that just kill so they can be #1 are the problem here.

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    Only because me … Only no dominate the server, I put instant rather than fast…

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    I only kill people if they get too big, and Yea I agree with how annoying it is when someone kills just to be #1.

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    I’m thinking to let user, when creating a server, to choose if they want or not kill and shutdown commands. So people can check if a server admin has this power and, maybe, join only servers were the admin cannot kill or shutdown. What do you think of this?

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    I kill only if people gets 100k, I don’t like users with 100k especialy on Instant Merge 😛

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    to be honest its their choice, im one of those people but i just do it so they dont spam on me

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    mayby it has good and bad sides yeah but
    i wouldn’t get rid of it!

    I create servers lasting 2 hours most of the time but i most say i kill quite a lot not to be number 1
    but for a other reason!

    I always kill the top 10 of the server! every time the timer stand on 1:30 left 1:00 left and 0:30 left!
    To make it possible for everybody to get in top 10 and not have it dominated by the same 10 guys all the time!

    I do it a little bit different in zombie or team mode tough in zombie mode i kick also every 30 minutes but i kick all zombies exept for one! Also to try to give people some fun being chased and trying to survive against zombies is fun! But at some point there are always so much zombies taking such a big part of the map that hiding/running almost won’t have a effect at all! That is why i kill every zombie exept for one every 30 minutes! (i mostly spare the smallest zombie)

    In teams i go to spectator mode check out who are the biggest players of the team kick those and try to get every team close to 33% of leaderboard every 30 minutes!

    I also kill people in team mode if they cross team!
    There is one exeption where i won’t kick you for cross teaming! On my servers i put a lot of info in the chatbox! I will sometimes allow cross-teaming for 30 minutes but only if one team has more then 50% of leaderboard!
    I will give an example of the exeption!
    At 1 hour 30 minutes left i say in the chat that you may crossteam if the enemy team has more than 50% of leaderboard!
    This means that when green has 52% of leaderboard blue and red may cross-team against green! Note: Green may not crossteam with red or blue cause they are the dominating team!
    Once green is back under 50% even if it is only 1% for example they have 49% left on leaderboard!
    Cross-teaming most stop again! Everybody who continues to cross-team will be kicked! (of course they will first get a chat message warning that the leading team is back under 50% and it is forbidden again!)

    Look in short i want to say there is a good and bad side about console! I use it for trying to give everybody as much fun as possible!

    I hope you aren’t going to try to stay away from servers where the server host can kick!
    Just cause you was unlucky and where on a server where the host just kicks you cause he wants to stay first!

    I hope you will try my servers!

    Oh yeah one more thing about my servers another exeption for the kickrule is if you use
    a) my name as your blobname you will get kicked
    b) call your blob server admin or in the likes of that also kick!

    But if you see a nivada13 roaming on my servers without getting kicked then it is really me!

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    i only kill ppl that are being absolute dicks

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    It wont let me do the kill commands PERIOD… It just says invalid console password…

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    I Host a bunch of servers and I don’t Kill people but if they were hacking there getting kill and if there insta recombined and the person smashes the Space bar there getting kill to. That is my rule. I have the Password.

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