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    ŁψƘ♛ Clan
    Hello!My name IS Lyk LOLOL(meganewbie)
    Im A Member Of Lyk Clan 🙂
    I Host Servers On Agarserv.com
    Official Chat is on skype!
    But People Who Dont have Skaype(Like Me)Can GO On Lyk Chatovod Chat
    If You Want To JOin(And ik You Want!) Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_iCxybQC-I Or
    Or:www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8qEyrZY73o If U Can Rec Bruh 🙂
    /◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/Offical Members/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/

    ➤Official Leader:
    ♛louisa (Admin)◎◎Yt:www.youtube.com/channel/UCKLz-IoyGGyQ7jvX_L_KsZQ
    ♛Allianse (Admin)◎◎Yt:www.youtube.com/channel/UCuMk5_tskO2O-KVt0peXuVg
    ♛Liano (Admin)◎◎Yt:www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Dvl_Y23AQtzI1SY8h1KFA
    ♚Lianogaming (Co)
    ♚Allianse (Co)
    ♚Crex (Mod)
    ♚Goblin (Mod)
    ♚Devil (Mod)
    ♚Kamsi (Mod)
    ♚Bigfoot (Mod)
    /◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/Chatovod Members/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/◎/
    ŁψƘ♛Major Members
    ♚lolololololol (mod)
    ♚Noto (mod)

    ŁψƘ♛Minor Members
    ♚Crazy Tiger Slayer
    ××××××××××××××××××××××× ××××××××××××××××××××××× ×××××××××××××××××××××××
    CLAN YT:www.youtube.com/channel/UCFykVnNkRt752_1WHH-DIDg

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    Profile photo of Laxusispro

    can i get tested?? skype : laxus1237

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    Idk,Can YA Gimme Some Info Plz(Lvl,Skill:10/10,etc)

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    And Yeah,U CAn Be Tested.Contac Some Leader Or Co Leader On Chat or U Can Contac ME By In Game Chat On My Server

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    Profile photo of ObvNotAShark

    Can I be tested? I do have skype, however my mic isn’t working right now. Also, I might not be as good on agarserv as I am on agar.io.

    Level: 88 (near 89)
    Splitrunning: Can depend on partner tbh but it’s usually good
    I can do tricksplits, cannonsplits etc. but popsplit may need practice?

    It’s fine if I don’t get tested, I just want to get to know more people on agar.io :s
    SKYPE – @obviouslynotashark101

    — 19 May, 2016 —

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    I Think u Can Join.
    U ARe Lvl 89 And Im Lvl 50
    U Can Help Me TO Host On Agarserv : )

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    Profile photo of Laxusispro

    i am lvl 59 can do all tricks but popsplit is quite hard can u test me out pls in skype ?? or i need to go in chatovod my skype is laxus1237

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    Profile photo of ObvNotAShark

    Btw I still haven’t been tested
    (I’m not sure if I have, not on agar.io at least)

    Skype is @obviouslynotashark101 if needed

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    Go TO Chat
    Clan Linkhttp://lykclan-x-official.chatovod.com/
    And DO Dis FOrm:

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    Profile photo of agarteamer2

    can i join?

    – i am level 33
    -avg. mass is 65k
    -can splitrun(no partner needed) and tricksplit

    its fine if i cant join, i just want to get to know people, also i want people to play on my servers

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