I Spent a a week farming coins, THERE ALL GONE

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    Over Ten thousand coins disappeared when i logged out and logged back in! PLEASE help me i spent a week of my vacation working on this and i think every user here realizes how many that is. If i don’t get a fix for this i will probably stop using agarserv and try out ogar or something.

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    This happened to me too, except for not being on agarserv for 3 days. I just started farming them again. I think you should too! From my experience, you can get 300 coins in about 30 minutes.

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    if you havent logged in in 3 days (72 full hours) then your credits will dissapear, because of inactivity.
    just get on every 2 days and you be fine. thats just how it works.

    btw agarserv= ogar-unlimited so would be pretty much the same except you gonna host it on your own pc which might sucks for hosting a server.

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      Karl Werner

      He Logged out and Logged back in He probably logged out, then logged back in after a couple minutes.

      You can just spam click the “Home” or “Create Your agar.io Server”. Do not do it too much or you can’t access to the site for a few minutes. (It happened to me, I came back in one minute, so its like a 1 minute time out) Its easier, I got the total of 72 coins in 2 minutes. 72 x 30 is 2,160 (I used a comparison to G).
      You can get about 2,160 coins in 30 minutes.(Its Just a Glitch) Big Changes eh?

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