i had 58 credits.

Welcome to AgarServ.com Forums AgarServ bugs i had 58 credits.

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    Inese Arajuma

    when i came in today my 58 cradits were gone. now i have 33+ to my 58 so i should have 91. but no. all gone. 🙁 🙁

    im using facebook if that helps.

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    if u recieve credits from browsing the site those expire in 3 days if u bought them look here:

    Buy Credits

    they might got expired out but i am not sure about that you should wait for ciao121 to reply and help u further out.

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    same but i lost 200 credits

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    Awes☢me Man

    i had over 100, but they were all gone

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    226 CREDITS

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