I am 14, and found a way to exploit your system..

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    Hey, A 14 year old is able to make about 150 credits an hour easy and free! Please contact me about this, also i try to connect to my server on home wifi and it says connecting but at school its fine (Just had to bypass firewall at school) We have no firewall or restrictions.. Whats wrong? Tried many things, i have no extensions or anything.. Please email me! Thanks!

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    how are u getting so many credits?!? plz reply soon.

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    Collecting many credits is not a problem. You can collect as many as you want.
    About the wifi I don’t cannot help. It’s something you have to investigate. Are you tring to make mor than one connetcion atthe same time?
    When it happens again send me a private message with the server url and your IP so I can check.

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    Just finished coding bots for AgarServe.
    They’re facebook bots tw but with other skins like: Moon Japan Spain etc

    Im going to be testing in servers. My bots will be called YT=SamGamesYT
    Sorry if I ruin you’r server

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    Could you tell me that “Exploit?” If you don’t mind,

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    the “expliot” is super fucking simple and i thought everyone knew this you put your mouse over Get FREE Credits CLICK HERE press crtl and then click as much as you can set a macro if you really need to and why the owner isnt worried about this is because by you doing this you get him a shit loud of ad revenue if you still dont understand ill post a video detailing it

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