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    Moon Heroz

    Hi, everyone. Last night, I watched a YouTube on how to get free credits faster. It was a success! Here is the link to the video:

    If you watched the video, it didn’t work for her, but it worked for me. To get them way faster, you have to keep clicking it like 1,000 times and you’ll get a lot. Like about 50. It depends. Your basically still browsing the site, its just 1,000 times at the same time. Trust me it worked for me. This should work for you all too.
    If you don’t know where to click the thing it should say this:
    Credits Balance

    You have 675 credits. If you bought credits and you don’t see them, click here. You click the word here and you keep on clicking it like the girl did on the video. I hope this helps a lot of people and my friends.

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    iqbaltrojan .

    Just use gs auto clicker! In fact use gs auto clicker, heres a link:
    Edit: put it on home, create server, credits, and news every about 5 – 10 second depending on how long it takes to load then leave it all night!

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