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    ReddFluxx Gaming

    Hello, ħÃᔕT ⚡ Clan is now recruiting 10 members, need to be lvl 30+. (Agar clan)
    The example to join is:
    1. Name (not the real name)
    2. Level (and a screenshot on imgur)
    3. Need to know all the tricks in agar except spysplit.
    4. Need to have 11+ age (or 10+)
    5. Need to know to edit.
    And 6 – Have fun in our clan!

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    Redd can i join and im 11 and im lvl 58 in agar.io and do i have to have a youtube channel because i dont and i can do vanish split and doubletricksplit im kinda good and my high score for solo is 32k

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    Cristian Paun

    Yes, you’re accepted. Fluxx said yes, i’m co-leader.

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    Hey im level 30 on agario im 15
    I can:Tricksplit/Doublesplit/Popsplit/Splitrun/Cannon split

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    Please subscribe to my youtube channel [url]https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm6PLmD4FOtjPuhyCNwxx2g

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    Lol u guys are so ugly exept cristian paun (Romanian) ANd if you dont want to know i am romanian too! Lol
    (Pe bune ca sunt roman)

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    em if u’re not say no im not

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    Profile photo of mehm

    can I join looking for a clan that chats daily

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    hello im 10 im pro and lvl 36 i had to do new acount and i am a really pro popspliter i hope to join

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    Sean Taaffe

    Hi cani join my lvl I 34 I am 10 and can do pretty much all of the splits

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    Cody McCarthy

    Can i join im lvl 72 im 13 and i cant get a youtube chanel

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    Cody McCarthy

    i can do everything but spysplit and (im not very good at popspliting)

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    Dude Hey
    Arabio is my brother i play on that nick
    Im on TYT clan
    But i have my 2 name Arabio and TH3KING is my nick
    Can i join whit TH3KING IM 78 LVL I really need a clan on that nick Thanks

    Im 19 year old
    I know all trick splits

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    hey im 10 lvl 37 i know all the tricks name is savage and willing to join clan by the way i used to be the official dm savage in agario till i left that clan

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    Constantine Rose

    Hello, I was wondering if i could join this clan. I am lvl 45 but i havent played agar in a while now. I am mainly playing gota.io. I am 11 years old. I can do all tricks. I can also realtime. My teaming record just recently i got 136k on gota. My record for solo is 35k in agar. In agario my record is 107k.

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    Jennyfert Wooz

    Hey,can i Join ? I’m an old player of Agar.io,but i left it because i was busy with school. I’m Level 56,and i’m 15.

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    simon m.

    can i join? i’m level 31 -been playing for 2 years (lots of experience) i know how to troll and can do most splits i’m great w/ teamate and am looking for a clan (i go by name “potato💰team💣” and “Team w/pro ONLY” using ogre and chineese dragon skin (and i’m 13 years old)

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    Profile photo of TheDarkFox461

    Hi can i join? i am lvl 50 close to 51 and 12 years old. I’ve seen all the splits but cant get all of them 100% ALL
    the time.

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    Profile photo of THRIVE

    Hello I’m thrive Agar.io I’ve been playing since 2015 back then I was a better player on my old account I was a 35 now I’m a 28. I can do a pop split and few more tricks and I’m 12 years old

    A old video that I made

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    Profile photo of emran8io

    hi, my name is Emran, level is 69, play like a pro,knowlege of spliting, i m 29…

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