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    Recently there have been group forums around which purpose is nothing else then to act like an add!

    The group forum’s should be harder to create

    100 creds to stop such people is clearly not enough with all the free credits apperantly!
    So i would suggest that people
    also need to have created at least 1 server
    and played for 1 hour on a server!
    This will make it harder for people who wants to use the group forum for spam to create one!
    They will actually have to invest some time into it then!

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    You’re right. But mixing servers (like usage, playing etc.) and site’s features it’s a difficoult taks.
    Anyway I’ll think about this. Thanks for your suggestion!

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    I changed; now users need to have 500 credits to create a group

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      Why 500 credits!
      I am new and now you want us to use 500 credits to make a group!
      What happens if someone creates a group and payed in their 500 credits and then after they make a group they wait about I don’t know maybe 15 years and they get no one!
      So they paid 500 credits for NOTHING!!!!!!
      And even when they buy credits it’s like they wasted money on buying them for nothing that they thought it wouldn’t of been a huge success but wasn’t!
      Get it?
      Hopefully this doesn’t bring to much stress but I think I proved my point.
      Anyway what I am saying is that they shouldn’t pay that much to make a group!
      It should be like $300 or something like that!
      Kind regards
      Trey-Tomairangi Pohe

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