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    Add new options you can use credits to buy to kick people from the server permadently and ip ban. also add mass to people. Well thats all my idea xD just a nice mention. Make those all together like 100 credits to get. Have a good day to anyone reading.

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    Also make it possible to get a permadent server for irl money monthly

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    I have an idea how to make is Take number of game http://www.agarserv.com/game9e979a7066ed21beb248b579e55fa511 will be 9e979a7066ed21beb248b579e55fa511 and if your ip got banned redirect the page to http://www.agarserv.com/banned/ you have to create that page too. How you make it depends on the programming language you use

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    Those are possible to do but i think Ciao has better ideas to make this website more amazing so stay tune. Maybe he can add an Epic thing that can change the website forever. Who knows?!?!

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