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    Yally Gaming

    Hi, my name is Yally, and i logged in whit FB and google+, but when i get killed, i don’t get my XP!

    What shall i do???

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    AgarServ is not official agario servers, you don’t get XP here

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    I am nice

    Yeah It doesn’t give you XP

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    UP X2 | That’s right iLukke! AgarServ isn’t official servers! That would be so easy to get new levels and on normal servers get more start mass.. I would be like “OH YEA! I HAVE 100 LEVEL! LET’S GO PLAY ON NORMAL SERVERS! I WOULD BE FIRST!

    Normal Player,
    ⦅ℂℍℕ⦆ ♬❤мαтιχ♬❤

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    But when you play on AgarServ.copm with the standard settings then there is no differnts and you still dont get XP, why?

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    It’s because uses illegal servers. On it says 7. Create or use any server emulators; so ignores it.

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    Keymaster does not use illegal servers. The server used by has an requested feature than does not consent incoming connections non toming from localhost or from website. So this is not illegal.
    Also note that supports the url. This means it consent use of external servers (if they supports requestes).

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