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    I have captured a annoying bug in servers

    If you want to kill somebody sometimes it doesn’t load up every player in the server but only a few of them i have a screenshot right here
    as seen on screenshot i can’t kick past bot 12.
    I want this to be fixed as soon as possible i want to be able to kick everybody from my server!
    I like to kick random people from the top 10 every 30 minutes so that the server stays fun and other people can have a go at top 10 too!
    But now i can’t even get the players in the top 10 kicked cause of the stupid console bug that only shows a very few people/bots that are playing so i am not able to kick more of them!

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    Hi there, I had the same bug a few weeks ago: you just remove the server and add it again, and the bug is gone!

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    Happened to me, but only when i had Bots on my servers. so i don’t use bots anymore :/

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    i can’t fix it with the solution g gave me doesn’t work!

    i will create servers with no bots in the future like the second person said!

    I hope this will be fixed soon!

    I want to be able to have a working console with or without bots!

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    Np. XD

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    I saw this bug and I was sure it was because strange “human’s” bot nicknames. Looking at the screenshot it seems this is not the problem. I’m going to investigate more into this.

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