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    Server link:
    It shows this:

    I think got banned because I refresh pages a lot to get credits, but I did this 30 minutes before I created my server.

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    I cant join mine either…Mine just shows a white screen with the console chat & Hide buttons.

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    This could not be the reason because site’s timed ban does not ban from the game page.

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    Firewall maybe? On news Agarserv network diagram you said there’s a firewall which tries to mitigates DOS attacks and DDOS, maybe when my bots are joining because the high network bandwidth at that point it considers it a DOS attack and blocks it.

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    OK, so making 200 bots join the server from DIFFERENT IP bans my ip for some time. I think bot’s have 2 IP’s: first one is what OGAR (server software you’re using) reads and it can’t block bots. Second IP is my ip and is used to ban me.

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