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    The Problem: when in Experimental Mode, if a red spawner cell is made huge by players, all food ejected by this cell stays under the cell, and nobody can eat it. At the same time no more food is spawned in the game because the food limit is reached. So nobody can grow.

    The actual solution: I made a console command button to kill all mothercells. If the admin kill all mothercells, those are removed (and other littles are created) and all food under the cell is available for players (thanks to Ethoblingfor inspiring me to find the solution); but… this solution is functional only if the actual admin is palying and uses the command. If the admin is not connected or he does not kill the spawners cell when they are big the problem is not solved.

    So another option is (I have to verify if this is possible) to auto kill the spawner cells when those are too big. But, in this case, I’ll choose an arbitrary value and nobody can make huge spawners cells (many users likes to make those).

    So what do you think?

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    Thank you! I will create a server now and test it out! 😀

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