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    Hi, i created pubic server (I USED 140 CREDITS) I setted server time to 30 minutes,
    when i joined server its saying TERMINATED and i cant connect. Plz, fix this, i lose my 140 credits 🙁

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    Agarserv seems to be quite outdated by now. Credits hack and bots hack that is not patched, glitches (such as W flying through spawners, cells going out of map when very big along with some camera glitches, lag, no smooth splitting, no W collision, pushing viruses with W is very slow, I could go on almost forever… and finnaly, of course YOUR BUG. So unless Ciao121 does something to fix all of this, Agarserv isn’t going to do what it supposed to do: Let players that have port forwarding blocked by ISP/router owner (if it’s a public WiFi, for example) host servers.

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