1,065,582 score!

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    !Yes thats right i indeed got a score of over a million i put the picture on my profile so check it out

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    We need proof, That You got a score of 1,065,582. I’m going to Run bots on my server and See what my Score ends up as.

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    It is very easy to do just make a small server with 30 bots virus 40-60 5000 mass at start 5000 max mass 150 virus mass max server time my final score was 7 mil because at 400k you take up the entire map and your guaranteed max growth because you will have bots rapidly spawning in and a constant flow of viruses always 40 max of 60. Of my math is correct than as long as spawn mass 50 you get 7500 mass flow. It very simple to do i have a screenshot i will post in a moment to the thread.

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    My score screeenshot!

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    Add me on Skype. I’ll show you How I get HighScores

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