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    I have received lots of mass and revieved my highest score on a private server on AgarServ.
    101,312 HIGHSCORE! You may see the link here: 100k Highscore

    Unfortunately, I cannot show the image on my forum post because I checked a button “Do not show this again”
    Stupid me.

    JangoZAGAR, Verified Forum Helper

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    Getting 100k in a server on agarserv is easy depending on what settings you have for the server.

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      What settings?

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        5000 pellets, 5 or 10 food mass, and maybe viriuses

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    I got 1481627 score. So you lose!

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      Lol i got 1.000.000 too

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    @kirby, @mobiledig20, I used 25 bots, and the others are for free, I only used 15 credits, and the bots get huge every second cause of the viruses, and the little bots.
    @g, I will one day beat you! Dang you!

    ~JangoZAGAR, The Starter of this Forum.

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    i have a highscore on agario of 4.7mil and agarserv of 3.2mil beat that!

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    If you would like to join a server with the best food settings (5000 mass at start 5000 mass max 200 mass viruses 45 min viruses 60 max viruses expiremental so spawner viruses and a huge map size) i will be giving the link in a little bit! it will be in a different forum post it wil be in the recent topics on the main page of agarserv! it will say 220 credit server! so join when i put it it will be made in 20 minutes.

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