User bots on

There are many discussions about permitting user bots on First of all what are user bots? In short terms those are bots that autonomously converge to the user using them and feed him. This is possible using some browser’s extensions or some online paid service. Many users are complaining about this. And, until now, … Read more…

The Parasite Cell

Parasite cells are sticky cells that sticks into players if they get too near. While attached to a player a parasite cell will quickly absorb player’s mass. Players have to split against the parasite cell to destroy it. If a player is near a bigger player’s cell, he can try to stick the parasite cell … Read more…

The Beacon Cell

Short video to show the Beacon cell feature on Beacon Cell is present in exeperimntal game mode if moving viruses are enabled. It will always stay in the center of the map. It cannot be eaten and it will not cause players to explode. If feeded 20 times it will spawn a moving virus.

Leap Gamemode

Today a new gamemode is available for your servers on Leap gamemode. In Leap gamemode users will not split when they press spacebar; they will “fastly jump forward”. And eac time they jump the will loose 25% of their mass. Here’s a video of the new gamemode.