All about servers and credits

This is a short article to explain what credits are and how to get and use them. On everyone can play on public servers created by other urser. To create a server an user has to be registered. When an user is registered he can create servers for free. Each user can have only 1 active server. To make another one the user have to wai the previous one to be terminated.

Making a server is free; but to add more options and more customization users have to use credits. Each “premium” option has it cost (wich it’s written in the server creation form).

How to get credits.

Credits can be both bought or earned. Users can buy credits using paypal or by mobile phone. Buying credits by mobile is a little more expensive (this is because mobile carrier rates are much higher than paypal).

Users can also earn credits in various way: here’s how.

Credit expiration.

Credits have an expiration time. Bought credits expiration depends on the bundle choosen by the user and is reported in the buy credits page. Won credits have a shorter expiration time.

Premium Servers.

If a user creates a server spending some credits, this server will became premium. In premium servers users are provided with a password that enable Shoutdown an Kill User commands. Password can be found on this page.
This will change in future. All servers will have those options, but the user can refrain from using those function. And servers whitout those command will be promoted on This is to guarantee players againist abuses.