24/7 Servers on the way

In the next week I’ll do some testing on 24/7 server. If there will be no problems they should be available in few days. 24/7 servers will be available for users under subscription (1 week – 2 weeks – 4 weeks). Don’t know subscription prices yet.

  • Created servers expiration date is alway set as the membership expiration. Users can ignore duration field when they create a server.
  • No credits are needed / deducted when creating a server.
  • Users can always manually shutdown a server and create a new one whenever they want.
  • Memberships can be extended at any time (no need to wait subscription expiration). Users have to shutdown the server and create a new one to update the server expiration time.
  • 24/7 servers are not shut down if there are not human connections.
  • Shutdown and Kill console passwords are always provided